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Coffee with my wife – frivolous

Some great films are made on trivial issues. Even Coffee with my wife is a film made on a trivial issue. Unfortunately, the film ends up being as frivolous as its subject matter.
A lot happens over a cup of coffee in this flick. But like a coffee spilt over a spotless shirt, the movie gleefully advertises its lack of pace and zing all throughout its length. While the director leisurely dedicates the entire first half to the puerile romance between the leading pair, second half is faithfully dedicated to a marriage gone wrong over a cup of coffee. It’s predictable, and it’s boring and alas, I don’t drink coffee either!
The only tasty cream in this otherwise stale coffee is the local filter coffee Sindhu Lokanath, who sort of ‘grows up’ to playing the lead role with some hot scenes and dancing to some peppy tunes. In a stark contrast to her previous film Case No. 18/9, she gets to wear some designer clothes and also gets to remove them at appropriate times! But it’s a pity that even a natural like her could look unnatural at times in this film; I think the credit goes to the director.
The film takes a dig at our TV channels desperate for breaking news. It could have been fun to watch, but director Vidyasagar decides to focus more on the buffoonery than on the content and that’s where it loses sheen.
The attempt at comedy is laughable and the camera does not stand out. Some songs are really good and hero Anish Tejeshwar fits the bill, just. An army of character artists fail to make any impression.
I prefer Coffee with Karan any day!

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