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ChaliPolilu Review - Average Movie inspired from "Meesa Madhavan"

"Meesa Madhavan"  is a popular Malayalam movie which changed the career of Dileep and Kavya Madhavan. The film was the highest grossing film of the year 2002 with a collection of over 15 crores. It had completed 100 days in all the major cinemas and ran over 250 days.It gave its lead actor Dileep the name "Janapriyanaayakan"

When I was watching Prakash Pandeshwars 'Chali Polilu" I remembered "Meesa Madhavan", because "Chali Polilu" movie story has lot of similarities to "Meesa Madhavan"

Here is the Plot of "Meesa Madhavan",

Madhavan falls in love in Bhageerathan Pillai's daughter Rukmini (Kavya Madhavan). The sub inspector in the village Eappen Pappachi (Indrajith) has an eye on Rukmini. He steals the idol from the local Temple with the intention of selling it and puts the blame on Madhavan. It becomes Madhavan's responsibility to find the culprits and he does that with his mentor's help and thus uniting with his girl friend.

And Here is the Plot of "Chalipolilu"

Here in "Chali Polilu", Meesa Madhavan split into 3 characters and all the mischief Madhavan did in Malayam Movie shared with three characters. There is dream sequence, there is loving grandmother, and a physically challenged guy who pass in background in temple scenes, which all inspired by Malayalam Movie, but not up to the mark as in Malayalam. Only difference in Tulu movie is the Temple ornaments stolen from Priest himself in the Tulu movie, while in Meesa Madavan it was by Police. But Police character also in Tulu movie which is portrayed as Hero in the movie who has no scope overall.

Chalipolilu is one time watchable movie with not much memorable scenes, not even memorable comedy sequences. Naveen Padil, Devdas Kapikad and Bhojaraj Vamanjoor plays main roles in the movie and movie totally focused on Naveen D Padil and his love story. 

The character of Aravind Bolar is just inserted to show about Astrology and its negative impact on the society. But dramatic sequence to showcase the evil in society wont make any impact on audience. Aravind Bolar succeeded in bringing smile on audience face just by his facial expression. 

Camera work by Utpal Nayanar is commendable compared to recently released "Rang" Movie.

Overall "Chalipolilu" is heavily inspired by "Meesa Madhavan" or we can say "Chalipolilu" is poor cousin of "Meesa Madhavan". This movie proves that. only marketing skills can pull audience despite of average quality of the movie.

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